v3.4.2 Making tables in LaTeX can be tedious, especially if some columns are calculated. This converter allows you to write a table in Excel instead, and export the current selection as LaTeX markup which can be pasted into an existing LaTeX document, or exported to a file and included via the `\input` command. Known to be compatible with Windows Excel 2000–2016 (32-bit and 64-bit) and Mac Excel 2004, 2011, and 2016. May also be compatible with other versions that support `.xla` add-ins. ![Excel and Excel2LaTeX comparison](https://i.imgur.com/UNKCihT.png)


Most Excel formatting is supported. * Bold and italic (if applied to the whole cell) * Left, right, center, and general alignment (per-cell or per-column) * Vertical and horizontal borders (per-cell or per-column, single or double) * Font color (using the `xcolor` package) * Fill color (using the `colortbl` package) * Rotation (using the `rotating` package) * Merged cells (using the `multirow` package, if needed) * Can convert `\`, `$`, `_`, `^`, `%`, `&`, and `#` to appropriate macros, or leave them in-place * Supports `booktabs` package * Uses `bigstrut` package when `booktabs` is not available * Makes standard LaTeX `tabular` environment * Can surround `tabular` environment with `table` environment template * Copy output to clipboard or export to a `.tex` file for inclusion using `\include` * Save table specifications to your Excel worksheet, then export all tables at once


Just open the file Excel2LaTeX.xla in Excel. Then you will have two additional menu items in your **Tools** menu and a new toolbar with two buttons on it. For Excel 2007 and later, you will have two new buttons in the **Add-Ins** ribbon. If you plan to use the program frequently, you can save it in your addin directory and add it with **Tools**→**Add-Ins**. This way it will be loaded whenever Excel is opened. Select the table to convert and hit the button **Convert Table to LaTeX**. You will be given the option to save the result to a `.tex` file, or send it to the clipboard (so you can paste it into your LaTeX editor). Hit the **Store** button to store the current settings so you can **Load** them later or **Export All** to files. ![Excel2LaTeX interface](https://i.imgur.com/EK88upo.png)


The development repository and the bug tracker for this package are hosted on [GitHub](https://github.com/klrmlr/Excel2LaTeX). To work with the project, you will require chelh's [VBA Sync Tool](https://github.com/chelh/VBASync).


Copyright © 1996–2016 Chelsea Hughes, Kirill Müller, Andrew Hawryluk, Germán Riaño, and Joachim Marder. This work is distributed under the LaTeX Project Public License, version 1.3 or later, available at http://www.latex-project.org/lppl.txt Chelsea Hughes currently maintains this project (comprising `Excel2LaTeX.xla` and `README.md`) and will receive error reports at the project GitHub page (see **Contributing** above).