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Simple conversion of C programs to LaTeX

c2latex provides simple support for documentation of C programming. Given a C source file in which the comments have been written in LaTeX, c2latex converts the C source file into a LaTeX source file. It can be used to produce typeset listings of C programs and/or documentation associated with the program.

The C source given to c2latex usually has the following form: It starts with a large comment containing LaTeX commands that start a document along with any initial text. Then there is a sequence of comment and code pairs, with the comment explaining the code to follow. The source file is ended by a comment containing LaTeX commands that finish the document. The source of c2latex is distributed in this form.

The author is John D Ramsdell. The package is Copyright © 1991 John D. Ramsdell.

License: other-free Version: 1.1 Catalogued: 2015-08-03